Taekwondo is a modern martial art, characterized by its fast movement, power and spinning kicks.  More than a system of self-defense, it focuses on training the mind and body with emphasis on the moral development of its students including the principles of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, and self-control.  Taekwondo allows us to develop a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence. 

LITTLE DRAGONS 4-6 years old

It is never too early to begin martial arts training. This exciting program is tailored to meet the needs of young children. Classes are action-packed and designed to improve focus, coordination and concentration. Children of all abilities will have a great time, meet new friends and advance their training. 

CHILDREN 6-12 years old

Our unique martial arts program is designed to prepare young students for life, in and out of the educational environment. Students learn important life skills in a fun, action-packed and enriching atmosphere.  Students will develop better physical fitness as well as learn the values of respect, self-control, teamwork, good manners and trying to do their best in school and at home. There are many opportunities to train and grow at Massachusetts Taekwondo Academy. 


You don't need to begin martial arts training as a child. Our martial arts designed will help you to relieve stress, build strength and flexibility, gain confidence, gain an attitude to discourage physical attack.  You owe it to yourself to learn strong self-defense, kicking and punching techniques. 


All belt levels are welcome to join our weapons class. You will learn Nunchaku, Bokken, and Bo Staff in a fun and safe environment. 


Learn World Taekwondo Federation Olympic style sparring. This is a fun, high energy class with strong training, kicking drills and exciting sparring. Train hard with your teammates and when you are ready you can enter local and state championship competitions.